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Index of the Fallen Crewmen of HMS Golliath.

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Topic: Index of the Fallen Crewmen of HMS Golliath.
Posted By: Mal Murray
Subject: Index of the Fallen Crewmen of HMS Golliath.
Date Posted: 20 Jan 2011 at 17:17
Varying lists exist of the crewmen of HMS Goliath who died when she was torpedoed and sank on 13 May 1915. The one shown here at present shows 504 names, where most newspaper article/reports from the time gibve figures of approx 570. Further names will be added as they become available.
Note: The list also include Signaller Frederick P Waterson who died on 1/6/1915 as a result of wounds sustained at Gallipoli prior to the sinking of his ship.
The following is the index of crewmembers who are posted on the Association Forum. Due to the length of the list I have subdivided the list (A-D, etc)
The url shown after their names is the link to their page on the Association Forum (It will open in a new window)
(Work in Progress).

Posted By: Mal Murray
Date Posted: 18 Mar 2011 at 12:35
Aggett, Walter              Stoker 1st Class -
Ahearne, William          Stoker (RNR) -
Ahern, Richard              Shipwright 2nd Class -  
Allcoat, Tom John         Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry -  

Allen, Albert E.              Boy 1st Class -  

Allen, Michael J.           Seaman (RNR) -            


Allen, Richard                 Seaman (RNR) -             


Andrew, Edward J.         Able Seaman -    


Antell, Edwin J.               Leading Stoker -             


Arlett, Walter J.              Stoker 1st Class -           


Arnopp, Robert               Seaman (RNR)     -

Ashton, Tom                    Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry -     
            Babbage, Harry E.        Stoker 1st Class          

            Back, John                   Petty Officer 1st Class

            Bailey, Charles Able Seaman  

            Baker, Alfred R.           Leading Stoker            

            Ball, Henry                   Leading Boatman          Coast Guard

            Bankier, George H.      Able Seaman   

            Barber, Cyril F.            Major   Royal Marines

            Baron, Alfred S.           Leading Seaman           Coast Guard

            Barrett, Richard E.        Engine Room Artificer 4th Class

            Barrett, William            Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry

            Barron, William            Seaman (RNR)            

            Bartingale, William        Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry

            Bartlett, Charles S. E.   Midshipman     

            Bassett, Sidney Cook's Mate   

            Baxter, Samuel G. H.    Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry

            Beal, Arthur R. G.        Fleet Paymaster           

            Beauchamp, James J.    Petty Officer 1st Class

            Beavil, Edward J.         Petty Officer 1st Class

            Beegan, Peter   Stoker 1st Class          

            Bell, Albert H.              Assistant Paymaster (RNR)     

            Bennetts, William H.     Seaman (RNR)            

            Beringer, William E.      Stoker 1st Class          

            Bignell, Harry L.           Stoker 1st Class          

            Bird, Alfred L.              Boy 1st Class  

            Bishop, Hubert D.        Engineer Lt. Commander         

            Blatchford, Albert         Leading Stoker            

            Blewett, John T.           Seaman (RNR)            

            Bolt, William H.            Blacksmith       

            Bonehill, James T.         Stoker 1st Class          

            Borchart, Frederick J.   Petty Officer Stoker     

            Borg, Guiseppe            Canteen Assistant         Admiralty Civilian

            Boulton, Albert Stoker 1st Class          

            Bowden, George          Shipwright 2nd Class   

            Bowsher, Albert H.      Stoker 1st Class          

            Boyce, William J.          Stoker 1st Class           Served as Hosking

            Bratby, James F.          Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry

            Bremner, Peter Gunner Royal Marine Artillery

            Brigstocke, Thomas H. Chief Stoker    

            Brook, Frederick R.     Petty Officer Stoker     

            Brown, John W.           Chief Armourer           

            Brunger, William G.      Chief Writer    

            Bryant, Tom     Stoker 1st Class          

            Bryant, William J.         Lance Corporal Royal Marine Light Infantry

            Bryne, William  Able Seaman   

            Bull, Arthur                   Stoker 1st Class          

            Bunker, John                Chief Petty Officer       

            Burnett, John A.           Petty Officer    

            Burns, William E.          Able Seaman   

            Buxey, William H.         Ship's Steward            

            Byford, John H.            Leading Stoker            

            Byrne, Robert               Chief Engine Room Artificer 1st Class


            Cameron, Henry C.      Seaman (RNR)            

            Campbell, Alexander    Gunner Royal Marine Artillery

            Carmichael, William      Leading Stoker (RNR)            

            Carne, William  Petty Officer 1st Class

            Carroll, Pete                 Stoker 1st Class          

            Carter, Edwin               Engineer Commander  

            Carver, Thomas            Stoker 1st Class          

            Cater, Norman             Stoker 1st Class          

            Champ, Stephen           Chief Stoker    

            Chorley, William R.      Painter 1st Class          

            Christian, Charles E.     Officer's Cook 1st Class          

            Christie, John    Stoker 1st Class          

            Clague, Joseph Seaman (RNR)            

            Clark, George H.          Petty Officer Stoker     

            Clark, Richard              Officer's Steward 3rd Class     

            Claydon, William          Leading Seaman          

            Coleman, Michael         Leading Seaman          

            Coles, Edward N.        Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry

            Collett, Frank               Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry

            Collins, Daniel  Seaman (RNR)            

            Collins, George             Chief Gunner   

            Comley, William P.       Stoker 1st Class          

            Connor, Alfred Seaman (RNR)            

            Coombs, William H. F.             Signalman (RNVR)      

            Cooper, Abraham        Stoker 1st Class (Served as Perks)

            Cooper, Henry             Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry

            Corkish, John T.           Seaman (RNR)            

            Corrigan, Terence H.    Able Seaman   

            Coulter, Henry R.         Boy 1st Class  

            Cowan, Edward           Seaman (RNR)            

            Cox, John                     Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry

            Craven, Frederick J.     Chief Sick Berth Attendant      

            Cronin, Maurice           Seaman (RNR)            

            Cronin, Patrick             Seaman (RNR)            

            Crosby, William            Seaman (RNR)            

            Cross, Harry                Leading Seaman          

            Crossman, James T.     Stoker 1st Class          

            Crowley, James            Petty Officer    

            Crump, Percy J.           Stoker 1st Class          

            Cubbon, Edward          Seaman (RNR)            

            Cuming, Alfred             Petty Officer    

            Cunningham, Michael    Cooper           


            Dakers, John                Seaman (RNR)            

            Darby, Patrick              Seaman (RNR)            

            Davey, Henry N.          Able Seaman   

            Davies, William             Petty Officer Stoker     

            Davis, John                   Seaman (RNR)  

            Davis, Thomas              Seaman (RNR)            

            Dawe, John J.               Shipwright 1st Class    

            Dean, Francis R.           Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry

            Dean, John                   Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry

            Dean, Robert                Seaman (RNR)            

            Dempsey, James J.       Signal Boy       

            Dempsey, William         Seaman (RNR)            

            Dennis, John J.               Seaman (RNR)            

            Diamond, George J.      Stoker 1st Class          

            Dickerson, Charles H.  Corporal          Royal Marine Artillery

            Dickinson, Joseph         Signalman (RNVR)      

            Dimond, John               Petty Officer Stoker     

            Dixon, Harry                Seaman (RNR)            

            Dixon, James                Stoker (RNR)

            Doddridge, Frederick   Stoker 1st Class          

            Doherty, John               Leading Seaman          

            Doran, Myles               Stoker (RNR)

            Dove, Sydney H.          Able Seaman   

            Duffy, Philip                  Boy 1st Class   Age 17

            Dumphrey, James         Stoker 1st Class           Served as Gosling

            Dutton, John                 Stoker 1st Class          

            Dymond, Walter           Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry

Posted By: Mal Murray
Date Posted: 19 Mar 2011 at 09:47
Edgecombe, Arthur     Petty Officer Stoker     

Edwards, Ernest A.     Blacksmith       

Edwards, William C.   Stoker 1st Class          

Efford, William           Petty Officer stoker     

Elliott, Frank              Stoker 1st Class          

Emburey, Charles H. B.Boy 1st Class  

Escott, Frederic A.       Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry

Evans, Charles E.        Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry

Evans, Frederick G.      Boy 1st Class   Age 17

Ewart, Harry               Able Seaman


            Faed, James R. H.        Midshipman     

            Farmer, Ernest              Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry

            Field, James                 Petty Officer 1st Class

            Fleming, William W.     Able Seaman   

            Fletcher, Jacob             Shipwright 1st Class    

            Flook, Ernest V.         Seaman (RNR)            

            Floyd, Henry J.           Boy 1st Class   Age 17

            Flynn, James              Seaman (RNR)            

            Flynn, John                Stoker 1st Class          

            Flynn, Michael            Seaman (RNR)            

            Folkes, Frederick S.     Boy 1st Class  

            Forbes, Charles           Stoker (RNR)

            Formosa, Salvatore      Canteen Assistant         Admiralty Civilian

            Forrest, John               Stoker 1st Class          

            Foxhall, Alfred             Seaman (RNR)            

            Fudge, Arthur J.           Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry

            Full, Henry C. R.          Petty Officer 2nd Class

            Gadd, Alfred H. V.       Boy 1st Class  

            Galloway, Henry E.      Leading Seaman          

            Garvey, John                Stoker (RNR)

            Gawne, Albert E.          Seaman (RNR)            

            Gell, John                     Seaman (RNR)            

            Geoghean, William        Able Seaman   

            Gerrard, Arthur O.       Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry

            Gibson, Samuel            Stoker (RNR)

            Gifford, George W.      Boy 1st Class   Age 16

            Gilbert, William             Leading Seaman          

            Gill, John                      Chief Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class

            Gill, Walter J.               Able Seaman

            Gillman, Sydney A.       Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry

            Gillmore, Robert           Stoker 1st Class          

            Glover, Arthur              Stoker 1st Class          

            Goodman, James          Leading Stoker            

            Gower, Samuel F.        Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry

            Graham, Daniel S.        Seaman (RNR)            

            Grainger, William M.    Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry

            Greaves, Walter           Stoker (RNR)

            Green, Horace              Boy 1st Class  

            Green, Richard             Seaman (RNR)            

            Greenaway, Thomas     Canteen Assistant         Admiralty Civilian

            Greenway, Edmund H. Stoker 1st Class           

            Gregg, William              Seaman (RNR)            

            Grimes, Thomas           Seaman (RNR)            

            Grinter, Ernest A. H.     Ship's Corporal 1st Class         

            Grundy, William H.       Chief Armourer           

            Gulley, James               Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry

            Gyles, Michael             Petty Officer   


            Hadley, John                Seaman (RNR)            

            Hailes, Herbert             Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class

            Hall, Henry F.               Colour Serjeant Royal Marine Light Infantry

            Halliday, John               Stoker 1st Class          

            Ham, Robert H.            Stoker 1st Class          

            Hannaford, Richard H.  Petty Officer 1st Class

            Harding, Samuel           Stoker 1st Class          

            Harkness, Alexander    Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry

            Harry, William G.         Seaman (RNR)            

            Hawkins, Frank            Able Seaman   

            Healey, Arthur T.          Able Seaman   

            Hendon, Walter P.        Able Seaman   

            Henley, Albert              Stoker 1st Class          

            Hewett, Charles            Leading Seaman          

            Hickey, Michael           Seaman (RNR)            

            Hiles, Hector                Stoker 1st Class          

            Hitchings, Robert W.    Stoker 1st Class          

            Hodge, Percy W.         Armourer's Mate         

            Hodge, William T.        Stoker 1st Class          

            Hodgins, Albert            Petty Officer Stoker     

            Hodgson, William         Leading Cook's Mate  

            Holland, Charles           Stoker (RNR)

            Holland, Edgar A.         Officer's Steward 2nd Class     

            Hooper, Philip              Sick Berth Steward     

            Horgan, James              Able Seaman   

            Horswill, Albert E.        Ship's Corporal 1st Class         

            Hosking, William H.      Seaman (RNR)            

            Hoskins, Frederick       Leading Stoker    Coast Guard

            Hoy, David                   Stoker 1st Class  (Served as David Howie)

            Hughes, David              Seaman (RNR)            

            Hughes, William            Petty Officer Stoker     

            Hull, Joseph B.              Seaman (RNR)            

            Hulme, George              Stoker (RNR)

            Humphrys, William V.   Seaman (RNR)            

            Hunt, Cornelius Gunner Royal Marine Artillery

            Hunt, Thomas               Yeoman of Signals       

            Hunter, William G.        Telegraphist     

            Hunter, William S.        Stoker (RNR)

            Huston, Charles R.       Signalman        

            Hutchins, Frank J. C.    Engine Room Artificer 4th Class

            Hutchinson, Arthur E.   Jnr Reserve Attendant Royal Naval Auxiliary  Sick Berth Reserve

            Hutchinson, Robert       Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry

Posted By: Mal Murray
Date Posted: 19 Mar 2011 at 09:48
            Iles, Edward                 Stoker 1st Class          

            Ince, Christopher          Able Seaman   

            Ingram, Henry G.          Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class

            Insch, George               Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry

            Jackson, Sidney J.        Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry

            James, George T.         Stoker 1st Class          

            Jarrett, Charles             Able Seaman   

            Jefferies, Albert            Stoker 1st Class          

            Jefferies, Thomas          Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry

            Jenkin, John C.             Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry

            Jennings, Percy T.         Gunner Royal Marine Artillery

            Jerrett, Edward             Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry

            Johnson, Cyril G.          Shipwright 1st Class    

            Johnson, John A.          Stoker 1st Class          

            Jonas, Noah R.             Stoker 1st Class          

            Jones, Henry                Stoker 1st Class          

            Jones, Hugh                  Seaman (RNR)            

            Jones, John                   Seaman (RNR)            

            Jones, John                   Stoker (RNR)

            Jones, Robert               Stoker (RNR)

            Joyce, John                  Seaman (RNR)


            Kane, Samuel               Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry

            Kavanagh, Patrick        Seaman (RNR)            

            Keane, John                 Petty Officer     Coast Guard

            Kearney, Jeremiah        Stoker 1st Class          

            Kearney, John              Able Seaman   

            Keilaus, Frederick        Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry

            Kelly, David J.              Stoker 1st Class          

            Kelly, Joseph                Stoker 1st Class          

            Kelly, Michael              Able Seaman   

            Kelso, James                Able Seaman   

            Keohan, Thomas          Seaman (RNR)            

            Kilcullen, Robert           Chief Yeoman of Signals          

            King, Thomas W.         Boy 1st Class   Age 17

            Kingdon, George          Seaman (RNR)            

            Kinrade, Daniel            Seaman (RNR)            

            Kinsbury, George E.     Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry

            Kirk, George E.            Able Seaman   

            Kirk, Samuel                Petty Officer 2nd Class            

            Kirk, William                Seaman (RNR)            

            Kirkman, Fred              Able Seaman   

            Knapman, Robert J.     Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry

            Knight, Alfred W.         Stoker 1st Class          

            Knight, Edwin               Seaman (RNR)            

            Knight, Frederick         Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry

            Koch, William P.          Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry

            Lamacraft, Walter         Stoker 1st Class          

            Larkin, John                 Stoker (RNR)

            Latto, David C.            Boy 1st Class   Age 17

            Lautier, Pio J. C.          Canteen Assistant Admiralty Civilian (Maltese)

            Lawless, Philip              Seaman (RNR)            

            Leatherby, Daniel         Stoker 1st Class          

            Lee, Thomas                Stoker (RNR)

            Lewin, Thomas             Seaman (RNR)            

            Lewis, Charles              Stoker 1st Class          

            Lewis, Edward A. G.    Lance Corporal  Royal Marine Light Infantry

            Lewis, Ernest W.          Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry

            Lewis, Rev. Ivor M.     Chaplin

            Light, Charles F.           Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry

            Lintern, William F.        Stoker (RNR)

            Lisk, Donald C.            Cook's Mate   

            Llewellin, William G.     Stoker 1st Class          

            Loker, William J.          Officer's Steward 2nd Class     

            Lovell, Frank                Electrical Artificer 3rd Class

            Lucas, Alfred                Engine Room Artificer 4th Class

            Lucas, John H.             Stoker 1st Class          

            Lyons, Robert W.         Leading Cook's Mate


Posted By: Mal Murray
Date Posted: 19 Mar 2011 at 09:49

            MacLeod, Torquil H. L.  Midshipman     

            MacRae, John              Seaman (RNR)            

            Mahony, John              Seaman (RNR)             (B 4171)

            Mahony, John              Seaman (RNR)             (C 3216)

            Major, John                 Able Seaman   

            Malcolm, Alexander L.   Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry

            Marker, Thomas           Sailmaker        

            Martin, Arthur G.          Petty Officer    

            Marwood, Thomas        Artificer Engineer         

            Mason, Arthur A.          Engine Room Artificer 4th Class

            Mason, James              Able Seaman   

            Matthews, Charles        Seaman (RNR)            

            Matthews, Noel            Seaman (RNR)            

            Mayes, Charles G.         Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry

            McAnally, John              Stoker (RNR)

            McCarthy, Charles         Gunner Royal Marine Artillery

            McCarthy, William J.      Stoker 1st Class          

            McClatchie, Richard       Able Seaman   

            McCormack, John J.       Seaman (RNR)            

            McDowell, Frederick W.  Able Seaman   

            McDowell, Robert J.       Stoker (RNR)

            McGee, William             Seaman (RNR)            

            McKay, John D.             Stoker 1st Class Served as Wm. M. Mugford

            McKenzie, William B.     Stoker 1st Class          

            McKeown, Francis          Stoker (RNR)

            Merryfield, William J.     Leading Stoker            

            Meyler, Michael             Armourer (Pensioner)  

            Middleton, Tom             Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry

            Miller, David                 Seaman (RNR)            

            Moore, John H.              Seaman (RNR)            

            Moore, John W.             2nd Yeoman of Signals            

            Moore, Thomas                      

            Moore, William            Stoker 1st Class          

            Morgan, John J.            Seaman (RNR)            

            Morle, Henry                Stoker 1st Class          

            Mortimore, Walter T.   Chief Stoker    

            Mossop, John E.          Able Seaman   

            Mules, Arthur B. S.      Carpenter        

            Mulford, James M.       Leading Seaman          

            Mumford, Alfred H.      Bugler  Royal Marine Light Infantry

            Murphy, Jeremiah         Petty Officer 1st Class

            Murphy, Patrick           Stoker 1st Class          

            Murrin, John                 Petty Officer 1st Class

            Myers, Frederick          Chief Armourer


            Nancarrow, William      Stoker 1st Class          

            Neil, Charles S.            Seaman (RNR)            

            Nicholson, Kenneth      Seaman (RNR)            

            Nightingale, Albert H.   Able Seaman   

            Norris, Richard             Able Seaman   

            Northway, Henry          Stoker 1st Class          

            Norton, James E.          Plumber           

            Nott, Edwin R.              Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry


            O'Brien, John               Seaman (RNR)            

            O'Brien, John H.           Petty Officer 2nd Class            

            Ockwell, David R.        Stoker 1st Class          

            O'Donnell, Hugh           Stoker 1st Class          

            O'Flaherty, John J.        Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class

            Oldfield, John H.          Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry

            O'Neill, Bernard           Seaman (RNR)            

            O'Neill, Denis               Chief Stoker    

            Orde, Herbert W. J.     Lieutenant        

            Ormsby, Joseph E.       Signalman (RNVR)      

            Owen, John                  Seaman (RNR)            

            Owens, Richard F.       Officer's Steward 1st Class


            Painton, George            Petty Officer    

            Palmer, Alfred E.          Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry

            Pardoe, George T.        Boy 1st Class   Age 17

            Parry, Thomas G.         Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry

            Pascoe, Charles L.       Leading Stoker            

            Passmore, Sydney        Stoker 1st Class          

            Patten, Alfred A.          Chief Engine Room Artificer 1st Class

            Patten, Cecil E. T.        Engine Room Artificer 4th Class

            Paul, Samuel J.            Signalman (RNVR)      

            Pearce, Arthur              Boy 1st Class   Age 17

            Pearce, Charles            Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry

            Pearce, James              Leading Stoker            

            Pedlar, Leslie J.            Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry

            Peers, Edwin J. Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry

            Penrose, Matthew G.    Seaman (RNR)            

            Pentney, James K.        Gunner Royal Marine Artillery

            Pepler, Frederick          Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry

            Pepper, Wilfred            Gunner Royal Marine Artillery

            Phillips, Frederick         Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry

            Phillips, George T.        Artificer Engineer         

            Pinch, William T. I.       Petty Officer Stoker     

            Plant, Ernest                 Ordinary Seaman         

            Playle, George I.           Boy 1st Class  

            Potter, George  Sergeant           Royal Marine Artillery

            Power, Michael            Stoker 1st Class          

            Power, William Seaman (RNR)            

Posted By: Mal Murray
Date Posted: 20 Mar 2011 at 14:41


Quayle, James            Seaman (RNR) -         


Quick, Christopher G.   Able Seaman -     


Quinlan, Thomas         Stoker (RNR) -  


Radcliffe, Charles         Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry


Ralph, Bertram G.         Lieutenant (RNR)        


Regan, Patrick              Seaman (RNR)            


Rendell, Wilfred            Stoker 1st Class          


Rice, Albert W.            Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry


Rice, Edward J. H.       Painter 1st Class          


Richards, Charles E.     Leading Seaman (RNR)           


Richards, George          Petty Officer    


Richards, William J.      Petty Officer    


Richardson, David        Electrical Artificer 2nd Class


Ridewood, William       Stoker 1st Class          


Roach, George             Stoker 1st Class          


Roach, James               Leading Stoker (RNR)            


Roberts, Hugh              Seaman (RNR)            


Robinson, Fernleigh J.  Bugler Royal Marine Light Infantry


Romia, William H. C.   Private Royal Marine Light Infantry


Roope, Royal W.         Yeoman of Signals       


Ross, John                    Gunner Royal Marine Artillery


Ross, Robert                Able Seaman   


Rowe, Alfred C.           3rd Writer       


Rustell, Henry T.           Boy 1st Class


Salisbury, Harry            Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry


Sampson, William         Stoker 1st Class          


Sandy, George H.         Shipwright 1st Class (Pensioner)


Santillo, Alfred E.         Officer's Cook 1st Class          


Sayman, William E.       Stoker (RNR)


Searle, Alfred               Petty Officer Stoker     


Sedgman, Thomas J.     Leading Seaman          


Selley, George              Able Seaman   


Sharpe, John H.            Leading Carpenter's Crew       


Shaw, John                   Seaman (RNR)            


Shelford, Thomas L.     Captain           


Shepherd, Benjamin      Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry


Sherlock, Joshua          Stoker (RNR)


Shopland, Henry           Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry


Shott, Richard H.          Cook's Mate   


Simms, John                 Stoker (RNR)


Simpson, Edward         Seaman (RNR)            


Simpson, George          Stoker (RNR)


Simpson, Gordon D.     Seaman (RNR)            


Sloman, Frederick        Armourer's Mate         


Smith, Donald               Seaman (RNR)            


Smith, Leonard C.        Boy 1st Class  


Smith, William            Chief Petty Officer       


Smith, William F.         Stoker 1st Class          


Sparrow, Robert J.       Leading Stoker            


Spear, Alfred E.           Cook's Mate 2nd Class           


Stapley, Charles           Able Seaman   


Steel, John                    Stoker 1st Class          


Stevens, Albert A.        Petty Officer Stoker     


Stone, George B.          Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry


Stone, Horace C.         Bugler  Royal Marine Light Infantry


Stott, Edward             Stoker 1st Class          


Suffield, John S.            Able Seaman   


Sullivan, Joseph R.        Stoker 1st Class          


Summerhill, Edmund T. Chief Petty Officer       


Swain, Maurice E.        Able Seaman   


Swanson, William J.      Boatswain       


Sweeney, Patrick          Seaman (RNR)            


Swiggs, Richard H.       Able Seaman


Taylor, Alexander M.   Able Seaman   


Tedbury, Spencer G.    Artificer Engineer         


Thomas, George           Seaman (RNR)            


Thomas, James          Seaman (RNR)            


Thomas, William H.      Chief Engine Room Artificer 1st Class


Thorne, William            Stoker 1st Class          


Tillson, Thomas E.        Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry


Todd, Charles              Seaman (RNR)            


Towner, Andrew H.     Seaman (RNR)            


Townshend, Samuel      Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry


Tucker, Richard J.        Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class


Tucker, William H.       Petty Officer 1st Class


Tucker, William H. A.    Leading Stoker


Tuffey, William J.          Officer's Cook 3rd Class         


Turner, Herbert V.        Engine Room Artificer 4th Class


Tythcott, William J.       Leading Stoker


Upton, George E.         Able Seaman


Vanstone, Albert E. L.    Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry


Vaughan, John J.          Seaman (RNR)


Wainwright, Harry D. A.  Leading Stoker            


Walker, Percy               Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry


Wall Alexander             Seaman (RNR)            


Wall, Frederick            Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry


Wallis, Mark H.            Seaman (RNR)            


Wallis, Richard W.       Seaman (RNR)            


Walsh, James             Seaman (RNR)            


Ward, Alfred G.           Able Seaman   


Ward, Joseph W.         Stoker 1st Class          


Warnock, Thomas        Stoker (RNR)


Warren, Alfred W. G.   Signal Boy        Age 17


Waters, Dr. George A  Fleet Surgeon  


Waterson, Frederick P. Signalman Died of wounds June 1


Watson, Frederick        Chief Sick Berth Attendant      


Webb, Thomas             Stoker (RNR)


Webb, William             Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry


Weeks, William            Leading Stoker            


West, Henry J.             Chief Armourer           


West, Joseph               Petty Officer 2nd Class            


Whitaker, Alfred E.      Cook's Mate 2nd Class           


Whitaker, Willie P.       Stoker 1st Class          


Whiting, Thomas H.      Able Seaman   


Williams, Tristram         Officer's Steward         


Williams, William R.      Stoker 1st Class          


Wilson, John J. Chief      Petty Officer       


Winstone, David H.      Chief Petty Officer       


Witcombe, Levi            Able Seaman   


Wood, George             Able Seaman   


Wood, William            Petty Officer Stoker     


Wood, William E.         Petty Officer Stoker     


Woodruff, Harold A.      Corporal Royal Marine Light Infantry


Wortley, Ernest J.         Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry


Wright, Philip                Able Seaman
Yeo, John                     Petty Officer 2nd Class -  

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